Univation Labs has focused on or continues to focus on a number of topics ranging from social determinants of health to behavioral health and musculoskeletal solutions, to pharmacogenomics to family planning. We package those solutions together to help mitigate the point solution fatigue we know our clients are feeling using the key components below.



Our goal is to deliver truly game-changing healthcare products and processes to Oswald clients. To that end, we explore and research the industry to find the most innovative creators and builders out there, the people who are developing the next wave of healthcare - whether that's clinical, technological, relational, preventive, or responsive. Companies are also free to reach out and submit their ideas and work to us for review.



We bring together the best both inside and outside the healthcare industry to look at what works and what works better. This approach of using resources that understand insurance and innovation, common practices and cutting edge ideas, and healthcare and health as a lifestyle gives us a true advantage. This unique mix of thinkers, doers, and evangelists allows us to collaborate without restriction and build on the best ideas to make them incredible solutions for our clients.



The heart of what we do, innovation toward solution. We look at opportunities from every angle, and bring the best resources to bear on creating optimal outcomes. It's really about understanding that the way things have been might not be the way they should be, and driving ourselves forward to improve or replace those systems and practices that aren't the smartest solution for clients and consumers. All this is done in an atmosphere of unlimited exploration where our teams can ask the questions that others aren't even imagining, bringing "what if" to life everyday.



By bringing the other three elements together and into synchronicity, we've engineered an environment that allows for rapid testing and prototyping. This lets us quickly and comprehensively understand what works well and how we can implement it. This means that our time from introduction of an idea to activation of a product or service is significantly rapid. We are dedicated to launching the best ideas as rapidly as possible, while never sacrificing our commitment to fully vetting those ideas.